Power Washing Your House

House Power Washing

House Power washing is more than maintaining a clean looking house. Our world is dirty, and Cape Cod is a windy, humid place. Your house is constantly bombarded with corrosive, wind driven, contaminants like mold, dirt, salt, insects, bird droppings, acid rain, pollen, ultraviolet rays, car exhaust and smoke among over things. These contaminants attach to your house’s exterior eating into and deteriorating the paint, wood surfaces, stone and other home building materials. Wind driven mold spores attach themselves to your exterior surfaces and the humidity in the air offers these mold spores an ideal breeding ground on the sides and roof of your home. The wind can blow these mold spores in to the interior through open windows and doors. For this reason, house power washing on a regular basis not only important for appearance reason but for your own personal health as well.

House Power Washing is Home Maintenance

House power washing on a periodic basis, is especially important for a healthy home environment and proper house maintenance on Cape Cod.  A dirty, mold ridden home is not only unsightly, it is unhealthy. House power washing also prepares houses for quality painting and staining. The only thing that should ever come between your paint and the surfaces it protects is a top quality house primer.

Power Washing for a Healthy Environment

House Power Washing on Cape Cod Professional house power washing removes allergens, kills algae and fungus, and protects against harmful bacteria, mold and mildew which may be dangerous to human health.

Power washing rolls back the years in your home’s appearance, giving it an instant boost to your curb appeal. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home.

Professional House Power Washing

It is important that your home be washed by a professional house washing expert like Robert J. Perry. He and his crew have the right equipment, knowledge, training and experience.

Robert J Perry and his crew start with a mixture of a little bleach and water. Using a backpack sprayer, they spray the house down with this mixture. It is then pressure washed off to remove the remaining film and to bring out the natural grain and beauty of the cedar siding.

Robert J. Perry offers house washing services on Cape Cod as a standalone service, as well as, part of our regular preparation before making home repairs like rot removal and repair, staining and repainting.